Welcome to MOUSSAWI MIT,

In an ever changing world on a fast track to race against the time to accommodate the civilization expansion and development AL-MOUSSAWI COMPANY started in 1985 from Bekaa towards success on the bases of trusts within its active market all over the Lebanese land. Continuously, the company maintained its services with a vision to position itself upfront in building growing economy. The mission is to raise life style of our personnel and society as part of the efforts to reinforce the diversity of our community.

The pre-defined mentioned goals drive our policy to provide the needs and wants of the personnel and society with the basic material that meets the international standard produced using the latest technology of different styles to meet all the tastes.

As development is part of our continuance strive to serve our clients, JIEH was selected to our new outlet in 2003. The setup is equipped with dedicated and updates team supporting Al Moussawi recognized quality products and receive our highly reputed customers.

The continuance development of the environment around us is keeping us alerted to dynamically modify our policies to keep our clients’ need fulfilled and we strive to provide complete solutions to better serve our market.