We provide Plain Square Bars from 10x10mm to as thick as 50x50mm in 6m length.

Plain round bars are also available in our stock with diameters from 6 to 120 mm 6m length.

Moussawi Mit stocks a wide range of Flat bars of different dimensions that is between 12x3mm and 100x12mm.

Moussawi MIT  provides customers with a wide range of Angles starting from 20mm up to 100mm.

We also provide T Bars in different dimensions.

Moussawi Mit provides a wide range of U beams starts from 40mm to 300mm. Both UPE and UPN are available as some large dimensions are upon request

Stores a wide range of H Beams, such as HEA.

Moussawi Mit provide the market with a wide range of I Beams starting from 80mm up to 600mm.

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